About Copro 3 – RF Tube CO2 Fractional & Surgical Laser

COPRO 3, proved top quality CO2 laser resurfacing system has a dual system for CO2 surgical and fractional laser system which has CW, PW, Ultra and fractional laser modes. It has various tips for adjustable scanning controls allow for faster treatments. COPRO 3’s multiple treatment modes gives treatment convenience for resurfacing and tailor procedures.


CO2 Fractional Laser Systems (Series) only leads to your satisfaction.

Superior Technology:

  • High peak power with fine beam quality
  • C-Array mode specially optimized for dark skin types
  • Auto Scan-sizing
  • Handpiece (ASH) for user’s supreme
  • Largest scan size (Max. 20 ×20mm)
  • Easy and speedy GUI
  • Synergy with combination treatment of CO2 surgical &
    fractional mode (COPROⅢ)

Complete Treatment:

  • Short-cut indication button with preset parameters
  • Comfortable and short procedure for patients
  • Minimal downtime and no side effects
  • Applicable for all types of skin color
  • Cost-effectiveness without any disposable parts
  • Specially designed beam patterns for optimal effectiveness to various lesions.


COPRO 3 the CO2 fractional laser by scanner type, makes the beam divide into micro-sized units and leaves normal tissues among the beams to reduce direct skin damages to shorten the downtime, and to allow the skin to be cured faster. COPROIII is very effective in improving pores, scars, deep wrinkles, and rejuvenation like laser scaling.

Hand Pieces

Fractional Handpiece

Surgical Co2 Tip (50mm & 100mm)

Treatment Results

System Specifications
Laser Type
Ablative CO2 fractional Laser
Dual Operation Mode
Stamp / Moving
Pulse Energy
1mJ – 300mJ
Spot Size
80 ~ 120µm
Ablation Depth
Up to Max 1.5㎜
Frequency in Stamp Mode
Max 999Hz
Up to 1000
Scan Area
Size Max.20 X 20 ㎜
Scan Shape (with red LED guide beam)
Circle, Rectangular, Square
Dual Beam Pattern
Array / Random Handpiece Tips
40㎜ / 42㎜
Multiple Repetition Mode (Stacking Mode)
Single, Repeat
Touch Screen 7″ Color LCD

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